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Treszner charity calendar

Client / 

Treszner Kft.


Role / 

Art calendar


Year / 


In 2021 we created a calendar with 12 Pécs based Graphic designers for Treszner Kft. The prints are made with risograph technology, in a progressive printing office. The revenue was offered to a charity, who are helping newborns in the region. We are proud, that the calendar won a Made in Pécs award in the category : "The product of the year"

January: Bubreg Balázs / February: Gergić Ena / March: Bordás Márton / April: Biacsics Renáta / May: Böhm Gergely / June: Varga Balázs / July: Dusa Kovács Eszter / August: Treszner Barbara / September: Lizom Dávid / October: Kling Hildegund / November: Harangozó Imre / December: Madari Kinga

Photo: Tsp artlab, Print: Drukker, Binding: Duplex Rota

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